New Leader Training:

  1. Getting Started for New Leaders - Complete this course first before meeting with girls or parents.
    (Optional - Attend an in-person New Leader Welcome orientation class.)
  2. Troop Money Management - Complete this tutorial before opening a troop account or becoming a signer on a troop account.
  3. Troop Program Basics - This course provides the nuts and bolts for running a Girl Scout Troop, including uniforms, badges and awards, troop management, planning a troop year, taking girls on field trips and more.

This online course is required for all new troop leaders and co-leaders. The Getting Started course provides new volunteers with the essential information and tools to get started as a troop leader. Pre-requisite: none.

The Troop Money Management course is required for anyone who is opening a troop bank account or who will be a signer on a troop account. Pre-requisite: none.

Get off to a great start by attending a New Leader Welcome class. In this optional fun class, experienced volunteers will welcome you to Girl Scouts, introduce you to how troop meetings work and provide you with essential information and resources to help you get off to a great start on your volunteer journey!