The Troop Camp Certification Level 1 course provides volunteers with the information necessary to prepare and guide girls on beginning outdoor experiences. When completing your certification, please plan ahead to allow sufficient time for completion of the recommended progression activities that prepare girls for fun and safe adventures. The usual time period needed to prepare girls for beginning outdoor experiences such as encampment is two - three months depending on the frequency of troop meetings. Note: Successful completion of a review survey is required for certification.

This is part 1 of 2. Complete part 2 by attending an in person TCC 2 Blended Learning Practicum. Enrollment by request.

Troop Camp Certification (TCC) Level 2 training will qualify volunteers and girls ages 14 and older to guide girls in fire building, outdoor cooking, tent camping and basic outdoor skills such as knots.  

In order to effectively prepare girls for outdoor adventures, it is recommended that TCC level 2 is completed 3 - 6 months prior to planned outdoor activities.  Pre-requisite: Troop Camp Certification Level 1.